Milkyway in B/W

Milkyway over Aosta Valley

Detail of Milky Way

Detail of the Milky way over aosta Valley t=20s f/4 10mm ISO12800 Postproduced with Lightroom. No Photoshop used. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This photo is dedicated to C. the most beautiful girl of the Milky Way!

Milky Way over Aosta Valley

The north side of the milkyway over Lignan, Nus, Aosta Valley, Italy t=20s ISO 12800 f = 10 mm F/4 Nikon D750 with sigma 10-20 f4-5.6

Cloudy Early Night in Aosta Valley

Early night photo of the north side of our galaxy. Nikon D750 Sigma 10-20 @10mm f4-5.6 @f4 ISO 12800 T=20s

Eclipse in the clouds.

Eclipse in clouds


10-01-2015 30 min startrail, Aosta Valley


Startrail in Aosta Valley, 30-12-2014


The Moon